The DREAM Foundation (501c3) is a reentry equity and advocacy nonprofit organization that focuses on increasing the likelihood of success and a changed mindset (desistance) of returning citizens. The DREAM Foundation strives to provide wraparound services that focus on the development of programmatic curricula, supportive services, professional development and licensing, and transitional housing in an effort to combat recidivism. Understanding that each case is different, our company's mission is rooted in desistance, advocacy for equity, and allyship for returning citizens. 

In partnership with our parent company, The DREAM Initiative and through the development of initiatives and programs, we are working towards the betterment, empowerment, and assistance of returning citizens, we strive to become the bridge between reentry and success around the world. 


Discovering Desistance

Developing a holistic approach to reentry success. Striving to curb crime rates, support local economies, and equity.

Our Initiatives


A one-of-a-kind curriculum crafted by The DREAM Initiative (DREAMi) that consists of 15 self-paced modules ranging in time from thirty minutes to just over one hour.  Based on evidence-based theories and practices, these modules teach various aspects of reentry to encourage a successful track and increase the likelihood of desistance by implementing cognitive behavior theories, dialectical behavior practices, and research-proven tactics.  By offering various ideas and concepts, Transition Pathways emboldens a shift in one’s mindset. 


Crafted by a returned citizen, this curriculum addresses the critical areas that present issues for returning citizens and develops strategic, housing, employment and education plans, resumes, cover letters, and allows for notes to be taken in the modules for future references.



A six-month, two-phase program and support group for returning and returned citizens looking for solidarity, resources, tips, and a safe place to speak freely. Participants will be walked through the pitfalls and hardships of returning to a society that places an instant stigma and generalization on those looking to get their lives on track, develop strategies for mindset changing, and charting plans for post-release success.


PROJECT 180 is a workforce opportunity and development program geared towards returning and disenfranchised individuals in the United States. With a nationwide focus on recidivism and a likelihood to re-offend, DREAMi and The DREAM Foundation (501c3) has identified a critical void in programmatic curriculum and opportunities that address the apparent need for workforce development, employability, education and tutoring assistance, HiSET prep, therapy, behavior modification, mentoring, substance abuse counseling, and lifestyle navigation.


From gainful employment to stable housing, reconnecting with family to identifying vital resources, Restoration Transition Homes' purpose is to develop a holistic approach to reentry that addresses the tough issues, provides education, resources, and support, and establishes a solid foundation for reentry success.  

Slated to open in Fall 2024, the first home will be located in Nashville, Tennessee with additional homes opening across the state over a ten-year period.  Stay tuned to social media for more information on how you can help.



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