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The DREAM Foundation

From prison to progress: Investing in successful reentry.

The DREAM Foundation

Our foundation is dedicated to increasing successful reentry for returning citizens. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance and that successful reentry is key to reducing recidivism and creating safer communities. Our programs and services are designed to support returning citizens as they transition back into society and work toward self-sufficiency.

We offer a variety of programs and services, which may include job training, education and vocational programs, housing assistance, and mentoring. We also provide resources for returning citizens, their families, and service providers to help them navigate the reentry process.

We are committed to providing returning citizens with the tools and resources they need to succeed, and we rely on the support of donors, volunteers, and community partners to make our mission a reality.

Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of returning citizens and in the communities where they live.

What We Offer

How Can You Help?

We believe that volunteering is a powerful way to support returning citizens and to change the narrative around recidivism. When returning citizens can secure stable employment and housing, access resources they need that address mental health and substance abuse issues they have, and are connected with a community that cares, they are less likely to return to prison. 

Our foundation provides job training, education, and other programs to help returning citizens overcome these barriers. However, we also rely on the support of volunteers to help us achieve our mission.

Volunteers can help in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Providing mentorship and guidance to returning citizens

  • Teaching classes or workshops on job skills or life skills

  • Helping with job placement and networking

  • Advocating for fair hiring policies and reducing discrimination against returning citizens

  • Become a facilitator behind the walls

  • Join our Board

  • Become a DREAMi Ambassador

  • Host an informational meeting

  • Connect us to donors

  • Become an advocate

By volunteering, you can help to change the narrative around recidivism and to create a more just and equitable society. With your help, we can empower returning citizens to succeed and make a positive impact in their communities.

We encourage you to learn more about our volunteer opportunities and to get involved today.

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