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Paving the Way to a Better Tomorrow

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Curriculum Breakdown

  1. Introduction

  2. Strategic Planning and SWOT

  3. Housing and Employment

  4. Finances and Budgeting

  5. Credit and Credit Repair

  6. Fees and Obligations

  7. Expungement (information for all 50 states)

  8. Pardon (information for all 50 states)

  9. Education

  10. Entrepreneurship

  11. Critical Thinking and Decision Making

  12. Anger Management

  13. Substance Abuse

  14. Mental Health and Managing Relationships

  15. Graduation and Review

A one-of-a-kind curriculum crafted by The DREAM Initiative (DREAMi) that consists of 15 self-paced modules ranging in times from thirty minutes to just over one hour.  Based on evidence-based theories and practices, these modules teach various aspects of reentry to encourage a successful track and increase the likelihood of desistance by implementing cognitive behavior theories, dialectical behavior practices, and research-proven tactics.  By offering various ideas and concepts, Transition Pathways emboldens a shift in one’s mindset. 


Crafted by a returned citizen, this curriculum addresses the critical areas that present issues for returning citizens and develops strategic, housing, employment and education plans, resumes, cover letters, and allows for notes to be taken in the modules for future references.