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"If you want to know what works study the success stories.  People who have gotten out and {transitioned} to the other side."

Professor Shadd Maruna, School of Law

Queen's University Belfast

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The DREAM Initiative (DREAMi) is an education development and transition support company focused on increasing the likelihood of success of returning citizens. Cofounded by a returned citizen who has walked the various paths of reentry, DREAMi is geared towards the development of programmatic curricula, supportive services, professional development and licensing, and transitional housing in an effort to combat recidivism. Understanding that each case is different, our company's mission is rooted in desistance, advocacy for equity, and allyship for returning citizens. 

Through the development of initiatives and programs that are geared towards the betterment, empowerment, and assistance of returning citizens, we strive to become the bridge between reentry and success around the world. 

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What We Do

DREAMi affords opportunities for redemptive growth and success through a holistic approach at reentry.  More than curriculum, we are a company believing in redemption, restoration, and equity for returning citizens.  Through resources, programming, education, and more, we work to combat recidivism by focusing on desistance - one's ability to change.

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To create equitable opportunities for restoration, renewal, growth, and success for returning citizens through eduation, supportive services, resources, and guidance.


To promote the discovery of desistance for returning citizens while fostering unprejudiced transitions.

The Recidivism Story

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Meet the Team


Robert C. Sherrill, CEO

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Having traveled the roads of reentry, Robert Sherrill is the Chief Executive Officer of DREAMi.  With a personal mission tied to the successful reentry of returning citizens, Robert brings an empathetic view and approach to all things reentry.  Having walked the path from every aspect, his primary goal with DREAMi is to create a norm and standard for second chances around the world.


Dr. Contrecia T. Tharpe, COO

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A passionate educator, Dr. Contrecia T. Tharpe is the Chief Operating Officer of DREAMi.  Her focus is the development of equitable opportunities for education, housing, employment, and support.  Having witnessed some of Robert's journey, Dr. Tharpe's primary goal is to assist in the development of a reentry standard that is centered around desistance instead of recidivism.