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Decreasing Recidivism through

Education and Mentorship.

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of returning citizens recidivate within 8 years



of the recently released return before the end of their first year out.



of all prison admissions nationwide are due to parole violations.


A message from our Team:

Statistics like the ones above are disheartening and should push us, as a society, to advocate for change. When being released, there are so many external and internal factors that play a part in the success of a returning citizen.  The threat of homelessness, mental health services, substance abuse programs, adequate health care, education and employment assistance, proper planning, and family support are all areas that create pitfalls and a large likelihood for recidivism.  Desistance is something each person can work towards, but without assistance, guidance, and support, backsliding becomes a reality.

Work with us to #DiscoverDesistance.

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Our Why

 The opportunity for restoration and renewal should be afforded to all regardless of the choices made in the past.  There is an evident lack of equity in regards to returning citizens...and that is where our why is rooted.  Founded by a returned citizen, we understand - completely - the struggles, hardships, and trials that returning citizens face behind and outside of the walls.  DREAMi is founded on nine core values centered around restoration, equity, and renewal.

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